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Postby mar » Wed Oct 11, 2006 2:07 am

Here is my first creation of my shell. It is in a very primary state but I like it.
It is mentionted as part of my industrial shell. I shall change a lot to the texture. Yet I have found out how to import foto's for texturing so that is the next stap.


I have made this in another file than the shellfile and I have tried with append to copy it to the shellfile but I get this error:

File "", line 18, in f
File "", line 23, in open_library
IOError: no library file: open one first with Blender.Lib_Open(filename)
C:\Program Files\blender-2.40-windows\.blender\blenderlib-open\: No such file or

I have make a new file with that name but it didn't work. Can someone gave me a hint.

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