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This is the journal of an age I am writing. It'll be a while before it's stable enough to release, though. There appears to be a drastic sinking problem.


The DRC is back, Yeesha is back, everything is going well. A few weeks ago, I dusted off my old Relto book and returned to the cavern. This morning, I found a linking book partially buried in the sand on the far side of the island. I opened it and found the broken linking panel of my first age, the Plutonic age. A sad sight indeed. However, it inspired me. From that moment, I decided that no matter what the failure, I would complete a new age. The lessons learned from Plutonic will help me in the endeavor.


Ok, I've got it. This new age will be a waterworld, with the exception of a small continent or two. I'll reduce the number of minerals capable of dissolving in water, so it will be a freshwater ocean. This'll help land life grow despite the little amount of space alotted to them. Tonight I start the basic writing, in a week, if possible, I make the first link. I look forward to seeing what is there.


Finally! I've linked into the age, it is stable. Remarkably, everything worked. There was a cool night breeze, a vast ocean, even a bit of sea life. Only one thing bothered me, though. On the far side of the little island I linked to, there were ruins of some sort of stone structure. Clearly, I linked in past the prime of the age. I am now determined to reach the age's past.


On my Relto, I searched the pages of the Kadish linking book, near the end, where the alternate vault description was kept. Yeesha accidentally left a small hint as to how I may link to the age's past. I'll try to write it in tomorrow.


The code is complete. I adjusted a bit of Bahro wording from the Kadish book, and added a bit of code myself. With this, I finally have a formula to travel time with. I call it the "Temporal damper" code. I'm about to link now. Wish me luck.


I've just returned from a long trip to my new age, which I will dub "The Lone tower age". When I linked there, I found myself at the base of an enormous tower on a tiny island. There were a few natives, too. Quite a remarkable species, to build such a structure, they had to mine materials from the ocean, and mining devices would be hard to build, considering the island upon which they've evolved. They even figured out a bit of english, and started to speak to me. They said that the island upon which I linked once was a massive continent, the only land in the world(I wish to disprove this), but it steadily sunk many feet each year. While the sinking has slowed, it still falls about a couple of inches every year, which is a lot of land lost when the remaining bit is so precious. To save themselves, they build this tower, and are trying to find a way to climb further. In the future I saw on thursday, I must have linked to the very tip of the tower. I did not have the heart to tell them there were no survivors. Besides, who knows? Maybe they did finally escape.
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