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PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 9:18 am
by ShadowDude
Up until now I've pretty much just been working on my own on my age, and haven't shown anyone any of the progress that I've made. This journal idea seems like a good opportunity to change that ;)

To start off, the age I've been constructing for the last... long time, is called Ri'achi.

Ri'achi's gone through a number of renovations, I keep changing things that I've decided aren't realistic enough or that I just plain haven't liked :P At the current moment I'd say that phase 1 of Ri'achi is about 90% complete.

There's still a few details and kinks that I'm working out, and I'm having difficulty coming up with a good place for the age (should it be in the middle of the ocean, floating in space, in a volcano, etc.).

After I release phase 1, I'm going to be begin working on phase 2, which, will open up a few new areas (though most of the age I intend to include in phase 1)

I'll post screenshots in a separate topic so I won't lose you all in my vagueness ;) :rolleyes:

As for my shell (430), it's coming along nicely, and should be finished sometime in the not to distant future. But, don't hold me to that, I have a bad tendancy to finish projects, decide I don't like one thing about them and spend a month changing everything around so it fixes that one thing :P

Oh, since everyone seems to have their own dating method I might as well set the record straight on mine as well. I live in the US (New Jersey to be more specific), and have always dated things MM/DD/YY so that's how I'll be dating entries B)