Tomekortee (ULM2.0) status

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Tomekortee (ULM2.0) status

Postby Trylon » Fri Feb 22, 2008 9:21 am

A short progress report to tell you what I'm working on:

Currently I stripped all the borked functionality from my ULM source copy, and am now working towards implementing a simple C# Age/Sum/PRP library, that will allow me to:
- Insert linking images into uru (yes, that's a lot of work to have a program to automatically ;))
- Automatically recalculate the sum file after downloading
- Warn about sequence prefixes that are used more than once.

Current status of that:
- Reading, writing and processing of Age files: Done
- Reading, writing and processing of Sum files: Done
- Reading, writing and processing of Prp files: Just started
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