The Restoration

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13/08/06 (as I live in New Zealand I use the European date format - DD/MM/YY)

Eder Dovah, I have named it. The real name is long lost on the book's worn cover.
I found this book on my explorations through the cavern, fallen behind a linking pedestal. As soon as I saw the descriptive panel I knew I wanted to restore the age.

Now to the age itself. Well, as the name suggests, this age appears to have been a resort/vacation age for the D'ni, not too desimilar to Eder Kemo and Gira, except this age is larger. I'd say the age was written to give the D'ni a retreat, a place to relax and escape the hassles of everyday life. The age is set in the mountains. The D'ni must have arrived in this age on a lookout platform on the side of one of the mountains, overlooking the valley below. It is a snowy place, and certainly beautiful. There is a fork in the path, one way leading upwards where there is some machinery, the other way leading downwards to a beautiful building. The age itself is still in relatively good condition, though it'd be wise to reinforce things, as they have been left for 250 years or so. The building itself seemed sort of like a reception hall, with numerous chairs and tables throughout, and linking books back to D'ni. The windows are large, giving another view of the valley below. The room is obviously worn, and will need some extensive cleaning up. At the far end of the room, a door leads to what appears to be a station for some kind of vehicle. a cablecar of sorts I'd say. Reminds me of switzerland. The 2 rails lead down to the valley. The thing looks stable, and I have taken it up and down a few times.

Now, the valley. A truly beautiful and tranquil place it is. Worn paths wind throughout, around little pockets of pine trees, and also a small lake. There are also some buildings around, that look like they were "cabins" where the D'ni could've spent the night. Also of note are several heek tables dotted around, as well as numerous other recreational games and things to do. There are also many seats and shelters, and I often see the odd bird fly by between the pine-like trees. Also I must mention the waterfall. This huge waterfall plunges down the cliff of one of the mountains into the lake. There is a small cave behind it, which I have not explored yet.

This journal will chronicle my restoration of this age, as well as continued explorations.
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