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The book makers

Postby jkcui1687 » Mon Aug 22, 2022 1:46 pm

I've come across a tablet that seems to explain the science behind The Art. The tablet describes that there exists a mineral made up an element that exists at the core of all planets and stars. It appears to be highly unstable but has quantum properties that make linking possible. There are a handfull of worlds where the black obsidian-like mineral is so abundant, that even the flora and fauna have traces of it in their biology. It mentions a particular type of beetle which has significantly higher levels of this mineral in its body and that the D'ni used this for sourcing the materials for their books.

More interestingly, it describes that the Ronay experimented in obtaining the element in it's pure state and went at great lengths to get it. Even by means of extracting it from their own sun, which as a result, caused the star to end it's life prematurely, and even mentions that a race of beings introduced them to the technology to do so... I might even speculate that the deity referred to as Yahvo might have been based off of a real encounter that happened in Ronay's past, but it doesn't give mention to this. It does mention that it was decided that the D'ni use lesser quantities of this element to avoid repeating the same fate.

The writer of this tablet seems to be part of a small group within the book makers guild who disagreed with not being able to source the raw element, and in secret wrote a link to another world to experiment extraction methods on the star systems sun. It describes two planets, one with a high energy beam extraction station, and another with a beam collector station, and that once the planets were aligned in such a way where the sun was between them, the extraction would commence. But it doesn't give whereabouts of the books location, there are clues to where it might be however...
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