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Idea for a story

Postby nvr2old » Sat Sep 29, 2007 3:10 pm

Wonders Age
Upon entering this age, it is wondrous, with the mountains, trees, flowers, water ways and wild life wondering here and there. The relaxation area is some distance up a path that is full of puzzles, traps and rewards. The Elders passed down thru generations the secret for getting to the relaxation area as they did not trust some guilds that may sabotage the relaxation area since it contained life regeneration water.
Thru out this path there is rewards of items and clothing that can be found by wandering off the path into caves, dark areas covered by vines.
On this path there is water crossing bridges that need lowered with certain turns on a wheel, others require certain pictures of flowers that was seen along the path, to be entered on a picture lock. Yet more areas along this path has chasms to cross but you must find a switch hidden along the path in flowers or disguised in tree bark but this switch must be touched to make the bridge appear.
On this path ahead you see the path split up into 3 short paths connecting to one path again but in taking the wrong paths you drop into a hole and have to link out, there is only 1 correct path.
In getting by all this you encounter the path blocked by beautiful roses just full of thorns, this puzzle must be solved by finding yet another hiding switch. And the final obstacle is a snake blocking the path but this snake is different, it can strike you if too close and you are linked out. This one is solved by playing a flute with notes found along the path in the middle of flowers and notes floating in water ways. Getting this right and the snake slithers off.
Upon entering the relaxation area you are hearing soothing magical music with the magic water bubbling in a fountain.
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