Story Line Concept

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Story Line Concept

Postby Kyle N'orth » Sun Jan 12, 2014 10:25 am

Shorah all!
I have been for a while now working on an age "chain" I guess. Sorta like the original Myst games worked. Anyway, I have a fairly large project in mind, and the story is still in development, so I decided it would be wise to post it here and see what other people think. Ok, here it goes:

Back when D'ni was still great, there was a man named Toran who was an age writer, or at least knew the art well enough to write. Anyway, when D'ni fell, Toran escaped and got to one of his other ages named Undun. Toran lived on Undun for a long time and used it as his permanent home. He waited for a long time then finally he thought it would be safe to return to D'ni and collect the rest of his families books and such. But he doesnt have a D'ni linking book. The only one he has access to is on one of his father's ages. (This age consists of many islands connected together only by way of rail transportation, kinda like Riven.) So Toran links to this age, but does not take an Undun linking book with him.(For reasons that still need to be decided.) When he arrives on the first island he realizes that in order to get to the D'ni book (which is on the last island) he must first activate the rail cart that will bring him to the next island. And he must do this for each island. But he is unable to complete the "puzzles" and reach the next islands. So Toran is trapped on the first island with no way out.

Some time later, an explorer (the player) discovers Toran's old D'ni home, and a linking book to Undun, which the explorer uses and arrives on Undun, where they find the book to the island and must solve the puzzles to reach the end, and hopefully the way back home.

I honestly have no idea if this makes ANY sense, if it does though, please give me feed back on the story and if I should add or take things out. Thank You! :D
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