[Request]: Mappers and Concept Artists Needed

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[Request]: Mappers and Concept Artists Needed

Postby Whilyam » Wed Jul 09, 2014 12:26 pm


So, a lot of my Ages are progressing nicely and, as they enter Phase 3 (Detailed Analysis: where the massing model is looked over and detailed documents, maps, and concepts are made) a troubling thought pops into my head: "I can't map for shirts!" This leaves me with a problem. I'm pretty terrible at drawing and, without a good concept, I have a very hard time modeling something. I get obsessed over how hard geometry is and lose interest in what I'm doing. So having this stuff is essential for me to qork quickly to get content out. Also, my usual concept artist/mapper is overwhelmed by the piles of work I dumped on him. So I need more people! Particularly, I need someone to refine my crude concept map and draw at least an overview map and perhaps even do concept sketches of certain areas or objects. I would give you a copy of my phase 1 map as well as a copy of the blend file with the massing model and whatever detailed models had already been made. I would also provide you with any storyline or lore relevant to how the Age looks on the hope that you will keep this all to yourself to not spoil the Age for everyone else. As expected, you would be added to any credit books I add to the Age and I would allow you a significant amount of creative freedom.

Please respond with an example of your work and, of course, any questions you have.
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