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USRD (Universal Society for the Restoration of D'ni)

PostPosted: Mon May 11, 2015 7:15 pm
by cskid13
The USRD is a new group which has formed recently to continue what the DRC never finished, locating and restoring D'ni and other ages. The project is open to anyone who would join, but currently has only a couple of members. The idea was formed when a couple of explorers were exploring the more remote areas of The Cavern and discovered a library. Contained in the library were numerous interesting writing, but some of the most significant things they found were linking books to two previously undiscovered garden ages, presumably written by the same author (or authors) as Eder Tsogal and Eder Delin. Thus, they have decided to form a new group to restore any D'ni locations and ages that they discover.

Ongoing Restoration Projects:
-Eder Gahrahno - Suspended due to lack of resources
-Eder Nahtoka - Suspended due to lack of resources
-Edward Tyndale's Library - Phase 1
-Tringira - Phase 1

Ongoing Writing Projects:
-Cohnator's Age II - Phase 2

This thread will serve to provide updates for these ongoing projects. Also, official documents shall be posted here later.

One major difference between the DRC and this group is that this group will allow anyone to join and contribute, as long as they have something to do.

Re: USRD (Universal Society for the Restoration of D'ni

PostPosted: Mon May 11, 2015 7:27 pm
by cskid13

Re: USRD (Universal Society for the Restoration of D'ni

PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2015 12:51 am
by Tweek
My suggestion would be to use the similar Phases (1 to 5) that the DRC and everyone else uses. For simple reason it's already established and people know what the different phases are.

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PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2015 6:53 am
by cskid13
Good idea. I couldn't find a guide to these phases, but now I did, so it's been decided.

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PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2015 1:23 pm
by cskid13
Restoration Log

[begin transcript]
5-3-2015: Initial look-through of a recently discovered library on the edge of the cavern. Requested approval for restoration. "The Inner Library" chosen as a working name, as the library is inside a peninsula in the cavern wall.

5-6-2015: Discovered linking books to Eders Gahrahno and Nahtoka. Initial link: The ages are both very stable and will likely be quick to restore. Approval requested.

5-12-2015: Discovered the linking book to Tringira. It is slightly damaged, so we decided not to link before further examination.

5-14-2015: Received approval to restore The Inner Library. Phase 1 has begun.

5-16-2015: Received approval to restore Eder Nahtoka. Beginning Phase 1 soon.

5-17-2015: There were some difficulties in getting Gahrahno approved due to the fact that the link-in point is on a cliff side. However, we have been given approval, and will begin work soon.

5-18-2015: The Tringira linking book appears to be stable, so we have made the initial link. The age seems stable. We looked around a little bit, but we couldn't get very far, as the link-in point is in a prison cell. Requested approval for restoration.
[end transcript]

More to come soon.

Re: USRD (Universal Society for the Restoration of D'ni)

PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 2:21 pm
by cskid13
Restoration Log:

[begin transcript]
5-19-2015: Recieved approval to restore Tringira. Restoration will begin once we are further along with the Eders and the library.
[end transcript]

Re: USRD (Universal Society for the Restoration of D'ni)

PostPosted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 5:54 pm
by cskid13
[begin transcript]
6-4-2015: Discovered an interesting journal in Tringira, presumably written by the author of the age, whose name was Edward Tyndale. It includes an interesting passage which may aid in our discovery and restoration of other areas of the age, included below:

(From Edward Tyndale's Journal) "How ironic that I am held here like an animal, in my own age, in a cell intended for my enemies. But it is still more ironic that I have a linking book in my possession--a link to another location in this very age where I am held captive. As linking there from within this age is a clear impossibility, I now give up hope. I shall die here, mocked by my captors, my pride stolen from me."

The linking book mentioned has not been discovered, so it was likely removed by Edward's captors after his death. However, there is a slight possibility that he may have hidden the book somewhere in his cell, in which case we still may be able to find it.

6-21-2015: Discovered a strange mechanism beneath the floor of the main room of the library. We are investigating its purpose, but it seems to have been damaged. It appears that it was used to raise certain sections of the floor. Possibly some sort of security to protect the books--or something yet undiscovered.

7-16-2015: Restoration has recently been uneventful, and we are still sketching basic maps of the library. However, today we discovered another one of Edward's journals. It seems that the library was used to hold Edward's works and studies, so we have changed the permanent name to "Edward Tyndale's Library."

7-26-2015: We have completed initial maps of Eder Gahrahno, and will vote to advance to Phase 2 tomorrow.

7-27-2015: Unanimous vote to initiate Phase 2 of restoration of Eder Gahrahno. We expect to finish initial mapping of Nahtoka within the next week.

8-4-2015: Initial maps of Eder Nahtoka have been completed, and we will vote to advance to Phase 2 on Thursday, August 6th.

8-6-2015: Unanimous vote to initiate Eder Nahtoka's Phase 2 of restoration.

8-28-2015: We have made a major breakthrough in our restoration of Tringira! We have finally discovered the linking book mentioned in Edward's journal, which turns out to be a single page, similar to a Bahro stone. We have given it to a maintainer to test the stability, but will link make our link next week if all goes well.

9-4-2015: We have made our initial link to the new location in Tringira, and have begun the mapping process here. This section is much bigger, and is very beautiful. We can't wait to give access to eager explorers.

9-10-2015: Eder Nahtoka and Eder Gahrahno have been temporarily suspended because of lack of resources (namely, lack of members). We intend to shift our focus to the library and Tringira. With enough work we may be able to finish the restoration of both areas by spring of next year.
[end transcript]