Walkthrough Alabaster (3parts)

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Walkthrough Alabaster (3parts)

Postby Dulcamara » Mon Mar 04, 2019 7:45 am

I can’t remember if there is an up-to-date solution for my Alabaster age.
I changed age several times because there were always problems with the multiplayer mode. In the beginning, Alabaster was just a single age. After problems I divided it in two parts. But even with two parts it was still too big for some players. So I decided to make three parts out of it. It was a bit complicated to find the places where now the key books stands. That are the places to link in the other ages. From Alabaster1 to Alabaster2 (in the Tunnel) or from Alabsters1 to Alabaster3 (top of the mountain). It should still look like it is a whole age.

The 7 cloths are now distributed to all 3 worlds. The last cloth, however, is located in Alabaster 1.To get there you have to cross Alabaster 3. It seems a bit complicated.

I admit it is a bit difficult to get into the Ages, because there is a puzzle to crack at the beginning of every world.
So I will try to help first with the puzzles at the beginning in each age part.

Start is Alabaster1. You link in in to a hall with a book (the history of Alabaster) and a big "sun". If you know my ages in the past (Elodea...) you know you should not klick this sun at the beginning. It is only a help for the future.

So, how to come out of this room?
The puzzle are the blinking symbols on the wall.
You will find the hint in Elodea (if you start your adventure in Elodea).

In Elodea there are mountains which do not really fit to the rest of the age. You can also see teeth, which should be a sign for Alabaster.
If you solved the puzzle
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in Elodea to come in the room where the Alabaster linking book is on a book stand.
You can go upstairs to a room.
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Ok, now you can link to Alabaster.
You know the code (blinking stone on the wall) is
Show Spoiler
The other blinking stone is only a button. If you press it the door will open and you are in the tunnel to the outside.
Find the stones with the blinking numbers
Show Spoiler
and you will open the grid gate to come outside to the first age of Alabaster.
You are outside! WOW.

Maybe one day :lol: you find the way to the tunnel, where the linking key book to Alabaster2 is positioned.
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You link in to Alabaster 2 and damn there is the next puzzle.

There are more rooms to explore, but you can’t come to the part where the signs for the next puzzles are placed.

The beetle Puzzle:

You will find more then one hints.
The first hint are the red Doorsigns. That seem to be mathematic.

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But make no realy sence.
To solve these you have to find the other hint.

A picture with beetles over the bathtub.
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Show Spoiler

So the code is:
Show Spoiler

After you press the code the glass vitrine opens and a big beetle is sitting on a podest. Press this beetle on the back side and the big wall will move and change the doors to another hidden tunnel.

Now you can go to the most places in Alabaster2.
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Only the laboratory need a little bit help.

There are 2 ways to reach it.
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Alabaster 3

If you after a week or more :lol: ;-) of exploration reached the mountain in the middle of the big water you will stand on the top of the mountain standing before a big Door.
That is the linking station to come to Alabaster3.

After linking you are on the other side of the door, visual you should in the same age as before, but really you are in a separate age.
Please do not touch the link cloth first. (only if you have made a age reset before ). Otherwise you link to a place on which another player touched a cloth in the past.
The right way is to solve the puzzle. (Oh no ;-) )

I call it Feather puzzle.

The hint for this puzzle you find in the school (Alabaster2)
That is what the link cloth will tell you, if you touch it after a age reset.

So what is the hint:

In the school room you find a blackboard with a painting of the Feather sculpture.
Show Spoiler

Show Spoiler

After you have input the right code the stone in the middle of the place will rotate and open a hidden way to the underground. Now you should be able to visit all hidden places in this mountain. In Alabaster3 you will find 2 of the 7 cloth.

Of course there are more puzzles on this islands.

Your real task is to find [/color[color=#FF8000]]the 7 cloth to open a hidden closed "Door" (maybe another thing).
Also you have to find all the animals (totally 12) to open the animal palace.
So it is possible some animal you can only find after solving a puzzle.

First the places of the cloths:

I have positioned a map in the Garden (Alabaster2).
Show Spoiler

It is not important to find them in the right order.
(I already thought about to change the order a bit and to exchange the positions of the cloth 3 with cloth 4 and cloth 5 with cloth 6 as well in the next update.)

The 12 Animals:

1. The first animal you can find on the beach. A sand pile. If you see it from the top you can realize what it is. The D'ni number is near on a stone. And in the near you can find also a cloth.

2. The second animal you can find before you reach the beach. There are wooden posts arranged like a fence. In the middle of this fence you see a thatch ball with a D'ni Number.
You can imagine what animal it is, if you are on the bridge over it (Alabaster3). You can see it also in the telescope on the balcony.
(close this animation with ESC).

3. The third animal, you can find in a cave down under the Eye room.
To come to the eye room you have to swim from the beach left side to a stair in the water. When you enter this room you see a symbol over the entrance.
Show Spoiler

Ok, what to do: especially keep your nerves.
In this area there is a cloth. Could it be that you have seen it through a fissure before?

If you go to the middle of this labyrinth you find a Puzzle: I call it tower puzzle.
The hint to this puzzle you will find in the rooms under the animal Palace. Open the big door and you will find tapestry with eye symbols.
Show Spoiler

So that is your code.
Show Spoiler

The tower opens and you can go the ladder down in the cave,
and after pushing the button you will find your next animal and of course your number.
It is possible that if you jump in the water you sink down to the bottom. That is a bug and maybe it happens because the ladder region touched the water region. That's not really important..
All you have to do is, hold your breath and enjoy the beautiful underwater world. And maybe you also see the grid, an interface to AlabastersDepths. (but this is only the future). If you run out of oxygen, you should "swim up" or better go out. Through a long tunnel you come to the outside of the mountain.

4. The fourth animal. You can find it, when you go to the top of the mountain. If you come out of the first linking room. Look right side. You see a village and in the near a way to the top of the mountain.
On the way to the top you have to find a cloth too.
If you stay on the highest point you can imagine an animal on the ground.
If you walk on the ground it is only a silly way. And on the end you will find a pole with a button and a number on his top. Push the button and you get a second hint to your animal.

5. The fith animal. In the building below the animal palace leads a spiral staircase upstairs into an office and a bedroom. There is a hidden photo on the desk (close with ESC).
Next to it is an empty
Show Spoiler
. In the bedroom
Show Spoiler

6. The sixth animal. You can find also on the top of the mountain.
There is a hidden passage you do not see at first. But if your eye discovers something red in the distance, which you later recognize as an insect, you will find the way.
Ok, go through this passage and you realize a animal which was made from with bones.
The broken eggshell will give you the number.

7. The seventh animal. You can find it in the village. It is a little bit abstract, because it was made from the villagers with fabric threads. The number was shown with an arrow in a painting on the ground. It is a children game called "hopping box".
By the way, you should look around the village as well, maybe there is a hint to the insect puzzle.

8. The eighth animal is again at an interface between Alabaster 1 and Alabaster 2. If you are on the way to the beach there is a wooden stair to a "garden" on the top. There is a button on the wall. But if you touch the button you hear an animation and you see changing something but you can’t see what it really means. So you have to be in Alabaster2 to see what really happens. If you see from the top, you see an animal which is able to adapt perfect to the subground.
Nevertheless you have to go on this garden ground and if you look around you will catch the number.

9. The ninth animal is also on a top of a mountain. But this time you have to go left side. There is no a right way because the saying goes all roads lead to Rome. So if you on the top of a mountain where you see finger symbols with geometric buttons you are on the right place.

Again a puzzle.

You can find hints in Alabaster3. One look in the telescope (near laboratory) can help. And one piece of papers splitted in two parts will give you the code.
Show Spoiler

Show Spoiler

10. The tenth animal. You will find it in Alabaster3. After two damned long spiral-stairs, you can find a room with a marble floor and a stair to a sitting place. Puh, time to rest. :-)
Maybe now you understand the nonsensical pattern on the mountain.
Ok, animal and number found.

I said before, that you can find 2 Cloths in this age.
But you can find also many rooms and of course another puzzle.
Well you can get the elevator or take the stairs. Both are not without danger.

If you have made it to the premises it is possible to fall down, while trying to come to the cloth.
No panic. There are several possibilities to come back.

Of course, the most elegant thing is to solve the puzzle.

The hint is
Show Spoiler

Show Spoiler

11. The eleventh animal is really big, so it was not easy to hide it.
The animal is again at an interface. It can be discovered in both ages Alabaster1 and Alabaster3. But the number you need, you can only find if you solve the puzzle.
Oh yes another puzzle. I call it insect puzzle.

The puzzle place is in Alabaster3. The code
Show Spoiler

Show Spoiler

The hints (you not really need if you have the code) are hidden on several places of the age.

So if you pushed the last button of the puzzle you should get a bit faster and walk towards the golden gate before it closes again.
To rest after this you can sit down on the bench.

You see the animal and realize the number on the window. Maybe you see the puzzle hint (you need not any more, you have solved it already).
But oh, the door closed and the button is broken.

It may not be the fine way, but you'll have to climb up the rose trellis to come back.

12. The last animal of course is the monster.
If you happened to be in the backcountry, you heard it growl and saw the number painted in blood. It's better you do not even try to free it. You saw what happens on the field of bones.

These were all the animals you need to unlock the Animalpalace.

Someone asked me, what happens with the jellyfish?
Ok! There is no matching button for the jellyfish. Nevertheless that is the place where the door will open with turning to let you in in the animal palace.
But maybe we will see the jellyfish in another chapter of Alabaster…. Who knows.


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So I think these are the most questions that could be relevant to the gameplay. In addition, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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Re: Walkthrough Alabaster (3parts)

Postby Ainia » Sun Mar 24, 2019 5:16 pm

Hugs and chocolate for you Dulca!! :D

Thank you for all your beautiful Ages! My favorite part of the Ages is exploring (just like you), so your Ages are always so very much appreciated, plus lots of fun!!

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