Occluders don't work, or do they

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Occluders don't work, or do they

Postby melvin » Tue Dec 26, 2023 8:41 am

Question...does anyone know anything about OCCLUDER Meshes & how they work. There is no tutorial on the subject & according to the Guild of Writers optimization of an age section these don't even work in PyPRP 1.6. As you can see looking at the below image they obviously do work, & seem relatively simple to set up. In this example a plane is set to wire frame with the blue arrow y-axis rotated to face in the required direction. Then it is has a ( string, type, occluder ) property added to it. The important bit seems to be the size of the mesh, with a small plane you have to get close to it for it to start working. With a very large plane it works from some distance away. Turning the camera some way to the side breaks it.
But what is it really doing; I draw your attention to the tree stump on the left of the two images. Notice on the lower image how the end grain is missing; this is because the the tree stump is partly crossing the occluder mesh. If I move the mesh slightly the the whole of the tree stump disappears. Now the question here is, is the occluder stopping the mesh from being rendered or is it effecting only the materials. The trouble with Vis regions is you have to connect every object to it. With an occluder you can easily wipe out half an age; or at least anything not in your field of view. So it may have it's uses in age building.
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Re: Occluders don't work, or do they

Postby Maroonroon » Tue Dec 26, 2023 10:10 am

The only thing I know about occluders is (https://guildofwriters.org/wiki/Perform ... #Occluders):

Note: Occluders are not currently available in PyPRP 1.6
An occluder is a special type of mesh that stops object behind it from being rendered. Occluders take time for the engine to calculate, so they should be large, very simple meshes with few faces. Occluders can be single-sided or double-sided. Occluders are not a replacement for visRegions. Use visRegions wisely, and occluders should be for special cases.

Examples of Occluders in Uru:

  • The volcano in the Cleft occludes the terrain behind it.
  • The desert floor occludes the rooms in the Cleft.
  • Zandi's trailer occludes the brushes and rocks.
  • Some giant occluders hide the two main sections of Eder Kemo from each other

Use an occluder if you already have a large solid object that will block viewing of objects behind it. Note that occluders are "all or nothing": you cannot specify which objects to occlude. Everything behind the occluder will not be rendered.

But yeah, I saw no tutorials about them... :(
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