3dsm Plugin Information

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3dsm Plugin Information

Postby Tsar Hoikas » Sat Apr 03, 2010 3:00 pm

This post is an attempt to make a somewhat more unified location for information regarding the 3ds Max plugin. It's a post because not everyone seems to know about the wiki, and the MOUL moderators seem to enjoy linking to the forum rather than anywhere else on the site. If you see anything missing that should be here, let me know.


On March 5, 2010, Cyan Worlds released closed source binaries for their 3ds Max Plugins to the community. Because the plugins are closed source, no one can make any changes, fix bugs, or recompile them for newer versions of 3ds Max.

Common Questions
    Q: What versions of 3ds Max will the plugin work with?
    A: The plugin is known to work with 3ds Max 7 and 3ds Max 8 later versions of 3ds Max will not work. Earlier versions have not been tested as of the writing of this post. See the 3ds Max Plugin Wiki Page for more information

    Q: How can I test ages that I create with the 3ds Max plugin?
    A: Since there is no offline MOUL client nor any MOUL public shards other than Cyan's, you cannot test your ages; however, you can get an idea of what they will look like in game by using Drizzle.

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Re: 3dsm Plugin Information

Postby Karkadann » Thu Sep 09, 2010 5:46 am

I found a lot of helpful information on 3DStudio Max/plasma here

Stuff even I could understand :D
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Re: 3dsm Plugin Information

Postby dendwaler » Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:55 am

Sorry if this is not the apropiate topic, but it is somewhat related to it.

Yesterday 2012-08-14 on http://www.blender.org/ was announced in this thread http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Blendernation/~3/lyO8cBpCySo/
that you can find a free to download " Blender UI-scheme- for 3DSmax.
on this site:
The next is a direct download link

Unfortunately its only compatible with the newest Autodesk 3dsmax 2013 version.
However for a skilled programmer it won't be to difficult to make this compatible with older ones.

I believe this a very interesting tool, because it enables the possibility to a Blenderman, to use 3dsmax without the troubles to completely learn the 3dmax interface.

May be its worth to investigate this.

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