Projection Light Spot lights: possible?

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Projection Light Spot lights: possible?

Postby emor d'ni lap » Fri Jul 16, 2010 12:59 pm

Hello All -

I have an application for a set of Projection Lights, but they'll need to be Spot lights.
I've set up a successful - and very simple - Projection Lamp test, but only as an Area light. It exports to-game just fine.
If I change this to a Spot light, it does not appear in-game; I've tried seemingly every combination of Falloff, Distance, Shadowtype settings, etc., to no avail.

The Wiki page on Projection Lights says that Spot lights can be used as Projection lights; is this correct?
If so, what's the trick? Probably something embarrassingly obvious? :roll:

Simple Area Projection Light test attached:
(277.59 KiB) Downloaded 120 times
emor d'ni lap

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