The Blue Garden

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Re: The Blue Garden

Postby Zesty of Xeniphers » Tue Mar 01, 2016 6:39 am

got to play Wam's age in its yet unfinished state. it will be an amazing age ... can't wait to see it finished. way to go Wam !
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Re: The Blue Garden

Postby dendwaler » Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:43 am

Chuckles58 wrote in another thread.

I have a question regarding his music. He had released some delightful flute music, but the tracks were unnamed. Does anybody know if he later named them? I would enjoy them more if they bore the names he felt were appropriate. I have added the tracks he made for his Blue Garden age.

I Think the answer can be found in the first page of this thread.
The three songs are from origin :

1) Lakota Lullaby
2) Wendeyaho
3) Dakota Love Song

Please read the thread from the beginning and you will notice that the songs are ready to download in the arrangement from Wamduskasapa.

I felt i needed to jump to this thread to answer your question, because its more appropiate in the current situation.
Here we can talk freely around all concerning " The Blue Garden".
Those wonderfull Worlds are called " Ages" , because that is what it takes to build one.


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Re: The Blue Garden

Postby Dulcamara » Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:46 am

Doobes wrote:
Here is what I propose:

Dulcamara and dendwaler can build and texture the various objects for the Age. I will, if needed, jump in to offer help in that, but it's clear that other people have their ideas on what to do for that since I did not know Wamduskasapa that well nor did I talk to him about this project. Be sure to get Zesty involved as well since she also has some ideas.

I do not want to appear rude, but I do not want to work furhter at the Age Blue Garden. That was never my intend. I've only built at Blue Garden because Zesty had asked me for help for Wamduskasapa. That was Januar 2016.
This week she asked me again and I only passed my data on Zesty's request.

As you can see, dendwaler had continued to work on Blue Garden. I do not know about his the time and desire to build this Age and bring it to an end.
But I hope so he will do it. He is retired and I have still full-time job. My own Ages fully fill my leisure time.

Before a cooperation with other world-builders I always anxiety. I also withdrew very early from Project Lakiani and Giloto. It's just too much stress for me. Especially the language barrier means a lot of stress for me
I love agebuilding but i prefer to do it alone.
Without being forced to finish. Without having to prove anything.
Nevertheless, I am always happy about the help of other Agebuilder. Dendwaler and Boblishman but also others were a great help in the past.
Therefore, I will offer my help if necessary.
Although I do not believe that I can help with my knowledge.

I hope this is respected.

And Doobes: You have not kicked anybody on his feets.
I see you as an very nice and helpful joung man and you are a excellent agebuilder.

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Re: The Blue Garden

Postby Zesty of Xeniphers » Wed Aug 16, 2017 5:12 am

yes, Dulcamara, we respect your wish. i knew that you do not wish to continue working on this age, that's why i asked Doobes to finish it. i only asked you to give him the necessary files which you did. thank you for your time Dulca.

i created a new thread for this project, because this thread was created by Wam, when he was around and was working on the age. from now on, some other people will continue working on it, therefore i started a new thread here: viewtopic.php?f=111&t=6846

i am also not sure if Dendweler is willing to continue working on this age so i sent him a message. if he is willing and has the time to help that would be great.

i only know that Doobes agreed to continue, he is willing and has the time now so i think he should be leading the project. i will help of course whenever i can, but i am not an age builder. i can create some pictures, decorations etc. for the age, but cannot build it. my only wish is to help Wam realize his dream.
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Re: The Blue Garden

Postby Doobes » Thu Aug 17, 2017 3:46 pm

Zesty of Xeniphers wrote:he is willing


and has the time now

Aaaaand stop. While I can probably get some time to work on it here or there, it won't be a LOT of it. There's still other things, URU-related and not, that require my attention too. ;)
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