New Ages On The Horizon

If you feel like you're up to the challenge of building your own Ages in Blender or 3ds Max, this is the place for you!

Re: New Ages On The Horizon

Postby Dulcamara » Sun May 07, 2017 11:27 am

Jaruku write:
They're finally here on Deep Island and brought to you by The New Age Project and it gives us great pleasure to present them to you for exploration and puzzle solving. There are 4 ages with game play in 3 of those ages. There is only one way to get to them and it's through Laki'anay on your Relto bookshelf or the Nexus. After solving many issues with multi players, I believed it was finally ready for Deep Island, sorry it took so long. We hope your experience with our ages is a good one!

Thanks to all of you, who have been working on these ages for such a long time. I know how much strength and tears must have flowed into such a work.
Thank you Rocketdog for the wonderful Ages Giloto and Cholonay. You have built your worlds with 3DSMax. I tried this program, but I failed miserably.
Thanks Jaruku forLaki 'any and Argosy. I love your fish in the water.
You showed me how I can animate them, so they now carry your name in Elodea and Alabaster.
Thank you to Malacalypse as a Musican and Storywriter.
In the short time when I attended the project, you tried to build a linguistic bridge. But the language barrier was too stressful for me, so I left this project very early.
Captain Query as PC Technican and Beta Tester. Theo for the Concepts and Puzzles. Root Beer as Proofreader. Karoh and Different Dave as Musician and Christo as Beta Tester.

Thank you also to Glo for Textures and Testing. Glo passed away suddenly during the project. So her friends dedicated the ages to her.

These ages are dedicated to our friend
Gorma Louise O'Conner.

Those we love don't go away
They walk beside us every day
Unseen, unheard but always near
Still loved, Still missed , forever dear

I myself am a single fighter, that is not always easy. But I think working with so many people makes it even more difficult.

From my point of view, I can only say you all have created a great work. I think that most explorer also see this way, even if they often do not pass it on in writing.
Unfortunately, the poeple do often write only something that could be improved. With a few exceptions, of course. But these few people, who are the exception, give you the strength to continue.

So let us also say thank you to all the explorers who love our ages. :)
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Re: New Ages On The Horizon

Postby TrapperDave » Thu May 11, 2017 3:23 pm

These Ages gave me great pleasure :) Having completed them all to the end and taking many friends there for tours.
Great pleasure all the way through. Love the fish, but wondered what I'd do with the whale if I caught one on big fishing pole on the dock :)
I really recommend all to visit these ages for a great new experience :) Some of the best !!
I always wondered why the fish in Elodea were named jaruku fish, hmmm ... now I know why :)
Here are some cool videos :)
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