Changes to Uru and Such [Split from "Four new ages for Uru"]

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Re: Changes to Uru and Such [Split from "Four new ages for U

Postby Korovev » Mon Dec 09, 2019 3:19 am

Sirius wrote:(Barely related, but how the heck do you keep up with Cyan's announcement on MOULa's forums ? The "view active topic" button doesn't work, and I generally check the six subforums only if the last poster's name changed since the last time I checked there... For instance I completely missed Chogon's announcement about allowing modifications to Cyan's assets until someone actually mentioned it in a non-sticky thread... Now I understand why Reddit only ever allows two stickied threads at a time.)

I have added the entire forum (and this one) as a RSS feed in Feedly.
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Re: Changes to Uru and Such [Split from "Four new ages for U

Postby Sirius » Mon Dec 09, 2019 8:33 am

Oh, good idea. I never used any kind of RSS feed so far (I'm perfectly fine with opening a web browser most of the time), but I'm going to try it out ! There is a "Feeder" open-source android app, which should be enough for my needs.
Alright, back to topic...

Tsar Hoikas wrote:The linking rule you want to use in MOUL such that multiplayer works in a reasonable way is the sub age link. That's assuming there's only one way into the age, of course. Life gets more difficult if you have multiple ways to get to your age... Another argument for "let the server decide where the player goes," I think.

Yeah, I was just mentioning how I remember it working on DI. But letting the server handle it definitely sounds like a better idea given how crazy those linking and instancing rules can become.
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Re: Changes to Uru and Such [Split from "Four new ages for U

Postby diafero » Tue Mar 03, 2020 2:44 am

And fan-Ages are simply public to avoid complex instancing altogether. D'Lanor's dynamic book template pushed people towards using the xLinkMgr instead of linking responders, which is a good thing.

D'Lanor's template doesn't (or at least, originally didn't) use xLinkMgr, but I have some scripts that automatically find the template in any fan age I put on DI and patches it to use the xLinkMgr. ;)

But yes, we got very lucky that Python and not linking responders are primarily used by fan ages for linking. This way I can ensure proper linking by patching the Python, instead of having to patch PRP files.
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