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Spot Lights a question

PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 2:34 am
by J'Kla
I am doing some tinkering with my ages and I have imported some Spot Lamps that go along with some imported age geometry.

The new position for this new section after import to the age lies bellow the x y plane.

When I lower everything the spot lamps leave a faint line eminating from the top of the lamp upwards along the z axis.

If I use Block select over just these faint lines it selects the lamps.

Amid digging around I can find no reference as to what these lines represent.

Lamp rotation leaves them stiched to the z axis (I thought they may have represented back handles for thelamps)

It is almost as if Blender retains some back reference to the lamps original positioning on the z axis however this line maintains its verticality when the lamp is moved in either the x or y direction.

Anybody any ideas?


I have been doing some experimentation and this line appears to extend to the ground plane up or down wether or not the ground plane is visible or not so if the spotlight is below 0 on the z axis it points upwards and if it is above 0 on the z axis it extends downwards and I am still at a loss to find a referernce as to what it represents and what purpose it serves