Uru CC suddenly does not recognize exported agefiles

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Uru CC suddenly does not recognize exported agefiles

Postby ametist » Thu Aug 27, 2020 7:07 am

Hi, this happened just out of the blue yesterday. I exported my agefiles, as I have done hundreds of times, but when I came to my Relto and wrote /link Tiam, I got the 'answer' that no such agefiles exists. Neither does any of the previous exported agefiles for ages I have - there are four. The agefiles are in the dat folder, the SDL files in the SDL folder etc.

I have not done anything specific, to my knowledge, that would cause this, just played on DI and MOULa, between sessions of building, exporting and testing in UruCC.

Of course I can delete the UruCC installation and Drizzle and start over again, but I am curious to why this can happen so suddenly?
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