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Re: Press kit files

Postby Sirius » Sat Jun 05, 2021 11:02 am

One year later...

Okay, I think I found more about that puzzling mirror. And if I'm right, then Deledrius' suspicions were correct.

First, the thing that I noticed in the trailer last time:
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Last time, I was also wondering - if it's an illusion, could it have ties with the Guild of Illusionists ? But Illusionists operated in Katha, not on Ae'gura, so that was strange.
Except I'm beginning to wonder if the BCO was always intended to be on Ae'gura. Who knows, maybe originally it was supposed to be on Katha.

And lo and behold, a nice map of Katha that we never saw in HD until today's release. Bottom-left-hand corner:
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Re: Press kit files

Postby Aloys » Sun Jun 06, 2021 6:48 am

Good catch. Indeed, they might have been experimenting in the BCO, and they thouhgt it looked cool and it ended in the trailer even though they knew it wouldn't be part of the game. That's often how trailer footage happens. (Then of course players will complain that the trailer was misleading etc..). Also, part of the trailer footage was captured by Ubi in France, not by Cyan.

The idea for that area and those original concepts arts were so exciting.. It's too bad it never happened. Doing this as a fan made effort would be a very complicated project; and we don't have a lot to work with in terms of design docs to begin with. Still if I had to chose only one of the Intagibles Ages to make real, that would probably be this one. (or Venalem, not sure)
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