All Fan Ages in 2 Files - Link in OP

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Re: All Fan Ages in 2 Files - Link in OP

Postby Korovev » Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:01 am

The header paragraph in the Gallery says “The Age should be available for download”, but I think it’s nice and encouraging to also showcase a few unreleased Ages, if the authors are reasonably committed to complete them.
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Re: All Fan Ages in 2 Files - Link in OP

Postby janaba » Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:53 am

Korovev, I just saw that you've added a link to the PDF files and documents to the gallery, great ... :P

As for the not yet released/completed ages I'd say, there are not so very many to be taken into consideration, as you've listed them previously already here ... Tsaew by Lontahv is missing on that list, which I'll post here again right now as a quote of your post, Korovev, for all to see once again

Korovev wrote:One more thing: as far as I know, these Ages are unreleased (or abandoned):

  • Ellis Fen (Kierra)
  • GreenWood Cottage (Kierra)
  • Latahara (Kierra)
  • Temple of Illumination (GPNMilano)
  • Teralee Falls (Kierra)
  • Versea (Arno)
  • Yinfara (Justin)

Besides of course Breldur by Jonnee, which is not on the list.

So, there are many ages created and not yet completed or released by Kierra ... I don't know her, maybe someone else does, and if there's no chance to contact her anymore, I'd drop them altogether ... Justin is here and can tell us, if he's intending to release that age or not or if someone else will definitely take over those files and complete it or not, the same applies to Chloe/GPNMilano, she's still around and available and might even see this here by chance or so or can be contacted ... Lontahv might still be around behind the scenes too, the H'Uru team will definitely know this as he's part of that team as a 'Guild Councilor', a Councilor of Artistic Direction, and there's Arno, someone I've never heard of, maybe someone else will have more information ... Jonnee has abondoned the whole project completely and nobody seems to know why and where he is right now ...

That's all, I believe ... It'd be nice to have a stance of one of our precious Admins resp. one of the H'Uru team to all of this and/or the resp. age creators themselves ... :)
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Re: All Fan Ages in 2 Files - Link in OP

Postby cskid13 » Wed Sep 23, 2015 2:07 pm

I'm working on some new stuff as well. I don't have anything released yet, but I'm working on it.
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