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Re: Tweaks for Complete Chronicles

Postby Sirius » Mon Aug 15, 2016 7:03 am

Hello everyone,

It's time for another modification to the Complete Chronicles engine. This one is very smallish, but it bothered me for quite some time now.

This replaces the mouse cursor ingame. In my previous tweaks, the cursor was stretched because of the 16:9 ratio. Also, on high resolutions, it becomes noticeably pixelated.
This fixes that. The cursor now uses higher resolution textures, and is rescaled so it fits a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio (for resolutions such as 1600x900 or 1920x1080). DO NOT USE if your screen has another ratio than 16:9 - it will look bad.
Obviously, this version of the file also includes the widescreen fix for 16:9 monitors and the max pitch angle thing. I don't know how to include that directly into Drizzle, so it will remain here in case anybody wants it.

Download link
Oh, and in case you need a preview...
...looks a lot like the original, really.
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