Using your Journal as a Journal

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Using your Journal as a Journal

Postby Aaron47 » Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:33 pm

I've written a lot of journals in my time. I'm a writer, after all. When I started writing in a journal program on my computer, it made everything easier. I can type SO much faster than I can write with a pen.

Anyway, it occurred to me, some years ago, that I could use the journal in URU as a place to put my thoughts. I'm a philosopher of sorts, and while I do like to share what I'm thinking, I also value my privacy. In which case, who would think to open URU in order to find something I've written?

That's all I have to say. But, I'm curious if anyone else does this. Do you use your journal as a journal? :)
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Re: Using your Journal as a Journal

Postby Justintime9 » Wed Aug 27, 2014 2:17 am

I did something to that effect once. Though slightly more geared toward URU themed stuff. But a lot of it was my own personal insights, and related to my life. I actually created an avatar called "Patience" and determined to solve ABM without running once, and using URU as a tool to learn patience. And after each age I wrote a log in my journal about the experience.
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