Developer Hood reinvented

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Developer Hood reinvented

Postby zeke365 » Sat Feb 29, 2020 8:53 am

So while I back I though I discuss a little more in detail of what I want to do with this hood and how it can help both the moula community and the guild of writers.

So by talking to a lot explorers in the Cavern, there seems to be interest of wanting to get involved with age building and wanting to help out but a lot of them either don't know where to start or know nothing about the guilds they can get involved on, even though their aware of at the all guilds meeting at from the guild of writers team, it comes across that they feel everything is way above their ahead. This not the fault of anyone it just how it portrayed even I felt like this at times.

Now my first attempt was to get more of guild of writers involved but do their busy schedules, it could not happen. So I had to rethink how this would work. Now Developer's Hood is in no way to harm the guild of writers or their work but there not a lot of awareness of the guilds in the Cavern outside the all guilds meeting and my hope is to help more explorers get involved while providing awareness.

So Part of what I want to do with the Developer Hood is one to make awareness of the guild of writers and too to have tools on the key imager in the Cavern to help more explorers who may not have any programming knowledge at all get involved with the process. The two things I m using as of right now are blender and korman since that where age development seems to be going.

Now I did find this tutorial a while back and perfect to get people involved and this one I have been using until 2.8 is compatible but it makes it easy enough for explorers who no programming to understand what they can do with blender. I thought this would be a step in the right direction. This is a series I m currently taking.

Now how does all play together? This is for people who played through the game and completed everything in the game and are looking for more to do, developer hood should help explores be aware of the guild of writers site as well as the tools they have on the ki imager in the Cavern since a lot explorers play in the main cavern a lot.

This so they can get involved more and if we get enough explorers we could start making teams to help the Cavern out even further. At least that the ultimate goal.

Yes this very ambitious that I m fully aware of this but I this could help bridge a gap between the main cavern and the guild of writers while providing age building tools so let me know what you think of this idea in the comments below.

Side Note: I will try my best to be in developer hood and keep it up during the week for a period of two hours so people could see it more often but right now I just just testing the waters to see what time most explorers come in the Cavern then estimate from there during the week, Once I have that down then I will know when to be in the Cavern to help out.
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