Using an Apple Computer?

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Using an Apple Computer?

Postby rehmihroth » Sun Jul 13, 2008 12:11 pm

Ok, so I am very new to all of this, so please bear with me.

Can you use the ULM on an apple computer? I did a few searches and I looked through a lot of the forums and wiki pages but couldn't find anything.

It says that you need to download Microsoft's .NET, and the newest python- are those mac compatible?

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Re: Using an Apple Computer?

Postby Tsar Hoikas » Sun Jul 13, 2008 2:00 pm

M$ .NET isn't Mac compatible. You may have some luck with Mono though.
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Re: Using an Apple Computer?

Postby Dot » Sun Jul 13, 2008 11:32 pm

Hi, rehmihroth! I use Macs too (Mac Pro and MacBook Pro), but I do all the ULM and Uru:CC testing work in Bootcamp WinXP.

Hopefully, MORE will retain MOUL's Mac compatibility, at least for the Cyan ages.
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Re: Using an Apple Computer?

Postby Christian Walther » Mon Jul 14, 2008 1:52 am

Dot wrote:Hopefully, MORE will retain MOUL's Mac compatibility, at least for the Cyan ages.

That is planned:
Chogon at the 2008-07-03 Q&A wrote:We will be working with TransGaming to make that happen. All indications so far is yes

Rehmihroth, in case you're into age writing: Blender and PyPRP run just fine on Mac OS X. I use them on my MacBook Pro, then copy the exported age over to a PC to test it with ULM in Uru:CC on Windows. I'm looking forward to the day I can do both on the Mac and ditch that slow old PC. (I tried Parallels, but it uses too much RAM, and the glitches in its Direct3D support make it hard to judge the graphical quality of your work.)

Edit: it just occurs to me that nobody has actually answered your question yet...
rehmihroth wrote:Can you use the ULM on an apple computer?

Well, you can if you use Windows (as Dot mentions), but assuming that you mean on Mac OS: No, but even if you could (using Mono or however), that wouldn't help you, since ULM only works together with Uru: Complete Chronicles, which is Windows-only. ULM doesn't work together with Myst Online Uru Live (MOUL), which is the only version of Uru to date that exists for Mac OS.
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