More ULM install problems

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More ULM install problems

Postby dahni » Wed Jan 07, 2009 8:55 am

I'm posting here because I need a place to start. I finally had time and $$ to assemble a gaming computer around a Radeon 4870, Extreme QX6850 Quad Core Processor and an Asus P45 PfQ-e mobo, with a Vista 64 os. I loaded and completely rerun the URU:CC and enjoyed it again. Now I'm trying to get involved in the development and playing of the new ages.

I joined the GOMa and followed Andy's instructions on how to install and use the ULM, including the Vista install. Got Ubisoft no-CD patch, latest MS .NET Framework, python 2.3.4. Downloaded 'ULM Client' and installed. Pointed the ULM to URU:CC program. Got four (4) pages of errors. Starts with:

System.UnauthorizedAccessEsception: Acces to the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubi Soft\ Cyan Worlds\Myst Uru Complete Chronicles\ULM\LInkingBooks.txt' is denied.

Repeated the above twice, deleting ULM, restarting computer, and downloading ULM again etc. Same error(s).

Looking around, others have had similar problems but I don't find their solutions. I'm logged into my account as Administrator.

Do I need a clean install of URU:CC? I have the 2-disk set containg ABM;PoTS and To D'Ni. Where to go and what to do???
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Re: More ULM install problems

Postby Old Wolle » Wed Jan 07, 2009 4:28 pm

The best way is, you move the folder "Uru ages beyond Myst" into the folder "C:\Users\%your Username%\Saved games".
Then make a shortcut from the "UruSetup.exe" on your desktop to run the game from there.
Now you have access to install the ULM in your Pots folder and you can download the fan-ages to the right folders.
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