Win10 mouse workaround

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Win10 mouse workaround

Postby Sirius » Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:05 am

Hello people,

I've put together a smallish hack that alleviates the mouse problem for Uru on Windows 10. This is not perfect, but I thought some of you might be interested.
Run uru_rclickfix.exe in the attached zip. Alternatively, you can use the AutoHotkey script source provided.
The program will sit in your system tray while it's active.

How it works:
When your cursor is near an edge of Uru's window, it will be warped back to center without moving the camera.

- alt-tabbing while holding a mouse button might cause bugs. Don't do it.
- moving the mouse too fast may prevent the script from warping the cursor. I recommend to lower your mouse sensitivity in Windows' settings, and augment it in Uru.
- Uru won't detect mouse movement during the frame it's warping the cursor, so turning won't be 100% smooth.
- clicking HUD elements near the edge of the screen (KI, Relto book) may wrongly relocate the cursor. Hold down left control while clicking HUD elements.

Also, I only have Complete Chronicles on my Win10 PC, and I don't remember the process name for MOULa. If you want this script to work in MOUL, you might have to use the AHK file instead of the EXE, and replace all occurences of "UruExplorer.exe" in the file with the name of the executable for MOUL.

Again this is not a perfect solution, nevertheless I hope it might help some of you 8-)
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