Stock and customized motion for avies

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Stock and customized motion for avies

Postby Atheni33 » Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:27 pm

I sure many felt the same as I did that there was a stifling lack of motion with our avies. And with my little experience with age creation; modelling, texturing..adding new motions to ones avies would be a HUGE endeavor in it self..OMG where to you even start. Just looking at the rigging chapter in my blender book gives me headaches Lol. I joined the blender newbie forum a few weeks ago and someone mentioned this site it's a online service that allow you to bake motion-capture data directly onto a character created in 3DMax. They offer their stock motion or you can customized your own which sounds really cool. I'm not particularly thrilled about 'paying' for is little tight. If it is fast as they claim one could possibly add a dozen or more simple movements to their avies. I believe most of us are using blender but I was curious if our 3D Max users tried mixamo or something similar to this maybe a open source version and was it successful ? Wow..I would really love to modify my avie.
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