URU using the Trinus Gyre

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URU using the Trinus Gyre

Postby dendwaler » Wed Jan 28, 2015 6:15 am

Today i got a good impression of how it will be to play URU on the oculus rift. and that is overwhelming i can asure you.
I visited my own build of the cathedral and it was impressing to see how it is to be able to have a free look on the environment,
following every movement of my head. For the first time i saw how big the building is and how high .
.Unfortunately i had to use fake 3d which still gives a 3d impression but not as good as real 3d.
Finally the resolution was lesser then on my monitor, but still it was a good experience.

What did i use? http://oddsheepgames.com/trinus/?home#
1) a google cardboard clone called "colorcross" i could buy one for less then 30 euro's
2) My S3 samsung phone .

And most important:
3) Trinus gyre server.( runs on my pc)
4) Trinus gear app (runs on the phone)
5) Virieo perception.. Absolutely needed to generate the necessary side by side view on your phone!

Settings for best results:
On your phone switch on usb tethering
You can find it in inside the settings.

connect your phone with a proper usb data cable to the pc port of your pc. ( often a common usb charging cable does not work!)
switch on the phone app and slide it in the vr kit.
start virieo perception and use the pull down menu to select
a) side by side
b) oculus track

start the trinus server on the pc as administrator!

and finally start up URU in a low resolution, because it will scale down anyway to half your phone resolution.

Have fun!

ps , you have to press down the right mouse button to enable the free look steared by the gyro in your phone.
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Watch my latest Video Or even better..... watch the Cathedral's Complete Walkthrough made by Suleika!
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