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controling texture animates sprites

PostPosted: Wed Jan 13, 2016 12:45 pm
by dendwaler
Hi ,
i need to switch the texture animation of a sprite on and off with a button press.
Simply , offstate is fully transparent and on is the texture as needed.
As long as the this is a plane with an animated texture all works flawlessly,
but when i change the plane to a sprite its broken.

You adress objects as an example as

- 006D:<Objectname>

For sound this is.
- 0011:<Soundemittername>

For a texture :
- 0043:<materialname-texturename>

And i think a sprite will have also a hexnumber to adress it

Is there anyone who knows this?

Anyhow ascript like this won't work for a sprite but will for a plane.

- params:
- continue
- 0043:<mat-tex>
type: animcmdmsg
waiton: 0

Any suggestions?