Korman - default follow camera issue

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Korman - default follow camera issue

Postby ametist » Mon Mar 23, 2020 4:26 am

Something weird is going on with the default follow camera in my age - and I'm in no doubt that its me that has done something wrong ;) , but what?

I have set it up exactly like in the camera tutorial, I have a default Follow camera and then a couple of Fixed cameras so far.

I created the first Fixed cam because I simply had to - I created a clickable and a Nodetree with a oneshot 'DoorButtonTouch', and when the avatar went into that oneshot animation the camera positioned itself in front of the player so I couldnt see the animation, which was what I really wanted to. Well, I thaught it was because the clickable is placed on a wall in a corridor, too narrow space was my thaught. No problem, I am used to Unitys Cinemachine so adding cameras is quite natural. I followed the camera tutorial and that Fixed camera worked as a charm.

But yesterday I started to add the sitting behaviors in the age and the camera did the same thing… only now everything turns black, so I assume the camera goes into something. The sittingmod is on a sofa with no wall behind so where is the camera? It made me think of the behavior with the camera at the oneshot clickable…

So instead of creating fixed cameras and regions all over the place I think it must be something I have missed to check with the camera settings…
And instead fo testing every setting for the cameras I decided to ask here :)

Any ideas anyone?
EDIT: Found the problem! And it was me of course :oops: - I had made the regions to small, even though it says in the tutorials ' create a region of a good size...'. So when I enlarged them the issue went away :lol: Now why the camrea went into the region I dont know, but that doesnt matter, now I know how to fix it!
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