What is Drizzle?

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What is Drizzle?

Postby diafero » Tue Apr 06, 2010 5:01 am

Drizzle is a collection of Uru-related tools, with the most interesting ones being UAM (Uru Age Manager) and Conversion. UAM allows you to download and install fan ages and other additions in an easy and comfortable way. It also assists in keeping them up-to-date. Conversion can, well, convert the game files from other Cyan games (currently MOUL, Myst V, Crowthistle, Hex Isle and MagiQuest are supported) to be played in Uru. More information...

However, Drizzle does not provide a way to actually reach these new ages in the game, it just puts the age files into the Uru folder. Linking to these ages is the job of the Offline KI, which can easily be installed with UAM: It brings the KI and other changes you are used to from UU and MOUL to your CC/TPOTS game. It allows you to reach fan ages and Cyan ages converted by Drizzle (from MOUL, Myst V or any of the other supported games): All of them are integrated into the existing environment. In addition, it lets you create and play marker missions and use flymode to inspect ages. It features a lot of KI commands useful while developing and debugging ages. On Alcugs Shards, it also fixes a lot of multiplayer issues. More information...
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