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Re: Lonirvan:The Challenge

Postby Annabelle » Tue Jul 07, 2015 11:26 am

Ah thanks gebgartc!

I didn't follow the topic since a few days and I was completely lost. Maybe I don't try at the right spot because each time I'm panicking out. I'll use the flymode just to see clearly the said ledge and I will retry.
Annabelle ;)
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Re: Lonirvan:The Challenge

Postby Jhon J. Jaguar » Tue Jul 07, 2015 2:32 pm

janaba wrote:This is a very interesting and heartwarming video, Jhon J. Jaguar ... :P

I suppose it's about the love and respect for our trustworthy and reliable pets, in this case our dogs, cats are mostly more strong (stubborn lol, in a positive sense) and free, even if domesticated, they could ultimately care for themselves ... Domesticated dogs on the other hand are more faithful and have a deeper or closer bonding to their resp. household they are living in (I don't like the word 'owner'), though I just found something very funny in my dictionary, it's a proverb saying 'A dog has an owner. A cat has staff', haha, which is quite true lol ... 8-)

Ok, what your video might actually be about, it is shown more precisely in the picture presented, and I've heard the word 'abbandonare = abandoned', which has the same meaning in some languages, but one can generally sense that it's about the abandoned dogs in the summertime (ferie=Ferien in German), when folks are going on vacation and are just leaving their pets behind somewhere for so many reasons ...

So, JJ, this is a very thoughtful and absolutely lovely and beautifully presented appeal to the hearts of all, who would get into a situation, where they would'nt know what to do with their domesticated dogs, their reliable and faithful friends, who need to be loved and being cared for, to be more thoughtful about them and to ensure that they are being cared for properly for the time being ... This appeal might also be directed at those open-hearted ones, who would encounter such a dog in the streets or in the woods, trapped and leashed to a tree or so, who would have the capacity to take one or more of those home themselves ...

However, thank you for sharing your love and your many passions with us, JJ ... :)

The video is for all kind of pets. I have use the dogs because are they the more abandoned on a road or in a little corner. But there are too the cats. For example i have find 3 little cats near to the cemetery. A dark site were to abandon three little. All you have said Janaba is correct. the objective of the video is that. I'm sorry is only in italian, but the end is in english, this for touch the heart of all people. Thanks for your comment.
Happy Holidays all....IN GOOD COMPANY!!! ;)
Jhon J: Jaguar 8-)
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Re: Lonirvan:The Challenge

Postby TrapperDave » Tue Jul 07, 2015 7:08 pm

Thanks gebhartc ! Glad you made it! Fantastic / cheers
I am not able to make it there yet, I think I need to take my backpack off my back :lol:
I know where the secret room is however I can not get to it. It is 140 ft. below the edge where
I stand, an entrance into the room :) Good Luck everybody !
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Re: Lonirvan:The Challenge

Postby Jhon J. Jaguar » Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:41 pm

This evening i have visit Lonirvan, and i have see the age have a problem: a reaction in the starting point like if you enter in a panic region......it link out you immediatly. Others have see it in the age??? Is strange...for many time the age have work without problems. Diafero, you know something aout it?....Tell me something.
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Re: Lonirvan:The Challenge

Postby diafero » Thu Apr 11, 2019 12:15 pm

Hm, you could try moving the link-in point higher about the surface? Sometimes we have had problems where the avatar starts falling before the physics surfaces are all loaded, and then it falls through the ground or so.
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Re: Lonirvan:The Challenge

Postby Jhon J. Jaguar » Sat Aug 03, 2019 3:26 am

Hi Diafero,
For the truth i have keep the link point a step upon the ground, more i fear can be innatural. I think is a problem of memory. I have upgrade my NoteBook with More RAM and a SSD Disk, now not have att all these kind of effects. But i dunno if is the same for the Server, or for the solution. On my station not have give me this bug, in DI or in URU CC. But thanks vo much for the indication, i will pay attention for Somahoglahn.
Shorah and good job.
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