Age Building Noob Guide in work

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Age Building Noob Guide in work

Postby J'Kla » Mon Apr 29, 2019 7:20 am

OK Duty idiot here and I am building the Noobs guide to building an age.

The attachment is my Document in Word format.

You can jump to page 3 everything before that is about getting resources.

The work is on going but I started getting some weird behaviour.

Start from following the steps and for now all you need to look at is Training01.blend as I am getting weirdness on my first run through check.

If I export as MOUL I have no shadows and its not the game settings I have checked that

If I export to CC I see the floor no shadows and the avatar is invisible hit [F1] twice avatar appears but has two shadows at 90 degrees to each other.

Tell it no shadows both disappear tell it to show shadows again both reappear, and it is the same for testing using a GoG install.

For now do not worry about later stuff but I have tried changing the light type e.g. Spot and Point.

My purplexity is around why I get none with MOUL but Two with a PotS export. I would be less puzzled if it was the same for both.

Note this is not an issue for me but if I am producing a Noob guide I really want consistency regardless of how the file is exported all methods are using an automatic link to the Training age wondered if it was something there.

Training Proposal.docx
Training Guide
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