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Postby ShadowDude » Thu Aug 10, 2006 9:18 am

Up until now I've pretty much just been working on my own on my age, and haven't shown anyone any of the progress that I've made. This journal idea seems like a good opportunity to change that ;)

To start off, the age I've been constructing for the last... long time, is called Ri'achi.

Ri'achi's gone through a number of renovations, I keep changing things that I've decided aren't realistic enough or that I just plain haven't liked :P At the current moment I'd say that phase 1 of Ri'achi is about 90% complete.

There's still a few details and kinks that I'm working out, and I'm having difficulty coming up with a good place for the age (should it be in the middle of the ocean, floating in space, in a volcano, etc.).

After I release phase 1, I'm going to be begin working on phase 2, which, will open up a few new areas (though most of the age I intend to include in phase 1)

I'll post screenshots in a separate topic so I won't lose you all in my vagueness ;) :rolleyes:

As for my shell (430), it's coming along nicely, and should be finished sometime in the not to distant future. But, don't hold me to that, I have a bad tendancy to finish projects, decide I don't like one thing about them and spend a month changing everything around so it fixes that one thing :P

Oh, since everyone seems to have their own dating method I might as well set the record straight on mine as well. I live in the US (New Jersey to be more specific), and have always dated things MM/DD/YY so that's how I'll be dating entries B)
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