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Postby Marcello » Mon Aug 06, 2007 12:07 pm

I must admit that I have been trying out little experiments more than having been working on one real age. I posted some screenshots a while back of an age temporarily called floating rock. That age isn't dead yet, but currently I'm mostly sketching ideas, stories and puzzles for other ages. I hope to post some stuff here soon.

The ages I started working on (some on paper some in my imagination):

a. Forgotten Defences (probably the first one I will be modelling for)
b. Cloud towers
c. Swamp age
d. Royal Garden/Maze hub
d1. Garden maze
d2. Temple maze
d3. Maze (no theme yet, but there will be three in the end)

Whether all of them will get to the finish line I'm not sure off course but at least I have more than hints of ideas for all of them.

Hope to post more soon.
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