ALABASTER the 5th Age of Elodea

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ALABASTER the 5th Age of Elodea

Postby TrapperDave » Fri Feb 17, 2017 8:15 pm

My review of Alabaster, without even near finishing the Age!
I have seen much and some things I shouldn't have by skydiving there :)
I have to say Alabaster is a superb Age! I even almost would say better than Obduction. The Age is huge with many trails, at first it looks barren and not much too see? Soon you are involved with many puzzles, many rooms,and interesting buildings and lots to see! I went all over it quickly, using my skydiving skills. I was amazed to find a wonderful and beautiful under water world with great graphics. I went back there three times to enjoy it and every trip I find new things. I have seen things not the normal way, I think I entered under water the wrong way by accident I am sure? I think I have seen other puzzles ahead of game play by skydiving there. It is not only huge but humongous in size. Not only one auditorium but a grand opera auditorium with balconies. I keep being surprised what is around the next corner and many hidden things I won't reveal :) Moving furniture and such. Even though I have to tolerate DI Server not working well with invisible peeps & buttons that should work but don't,it is worth the hassle :) It is intertwined with multiple puzzles which keep you looking for different things. I am currently on top of a large Island trying to solve the totem poles, I'm sure I'm right and wonder if it is the server, but that is part of the mystery. The story line, and puzzles and a massive world to explore are both rewarding all the time. I think it will take me many months to solve it, not joking! Just when I thought I'll never find all those animals, while up high skydiving I looked down and said "hey", I ran over that and around it many times on the ground and never knew it was an animal! (( sneaky)) WOW! It is well designed and thought out! Dulcamara has done an outstanding superb job building this Age! It is on par or equal to Cyan's work! Now I need to go through slow and get my act together and follow the clues a normal way walking the paths. I look forward to many hidden areas that I know are there but could not get to yet. Months .... a year ... years to solve it all ? I don't care or mind it is the work of great talent! It is so complex I can not even remember how to get to areas I've already been to. Now to get serious, slowly absorb it all, map and many notes I suggest. This Age will definitely give you exploring pleasure for months!
1 to 5 ***** > I give Alabaster a 5 STAR ***** + ( I have placed over 200 pics on FB & have over 200 more pics not shown ) Yes lots to see :)
Thank You Dulcamara Elodea you are a top notch Age Builder!
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Re: ALABASTER the 5th Age of Elodea

Postby JanB » Mon Feb 20, 2017 1:52 am

I was able to explore a significant part of Alabaster , in spite of the many stack dumps :twisted: this weekend. and I agree with TrapperDave: You have created a magnificent and challenging age again Dulcamara!

I gave up yesterday after7-8 stackdumps again on a row. Possible due to the number of players present in Alabaster yesterday afternoon (CET)
However the ages seems to have a few graphical issues for me too. The spawn desk when used has opened with a white rectangle , which I then cannot remove. I also noticed missing textures and a white avatar sometimes.
That happend also, when I attempted to reenter the age after a stackdump, restart of the Deep Island client, or even after a complete reboot of my system.
Alabaster is a large age and the Shard and Alabaster loaded takes about 2 Gig of additional memory on my desktop, but when I checked yesterday it was not a memory problem as Dendwaler suggested.
I also checked the load on my graphical card and it was not overheated or overloaded, when stackdumps en graphical issues happend again.
I can't exclude, at the moment, that the W10 Fast Insiders Preview version 15031 I was running might be causing these issues, as after a few build ago also Obduction is giving troubles (when linking to the other worlds than Hungrath). Cyan has being notified about that issue.
But if other Alabaster players also notice these graphical and stack dump symptoms that might not be the reason.
I tried several other options to get to Alabaster again yesterday, like via Elodea and by not using the spawn facility. Many time the stack dumps occurred immediately when entering the Alabaster starting room ( not on Elodea) again. Elodea was stable anyhow.
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